Not Busted

Leadville or Bust by Chris Chaney is now published on Amazon for Kindle.¬† I’m working on getting a print version out there and will update as soon as I do.

If you’ve not been following the progress of my book please don’t read past posts ūüôā¬† I’ve made numerous assertions over years that the book was almost done, almost ready to publish, etc, etc.¬† There are a lot of reasons its hasn’t seen the light of day until now.¬† For those who have been following my progress I’ll give you the briefest summary as I possibly can ūüôā

In 2010…

Let’s jump forward instead.

At the beginning of 2013 my family moved back to Kentucky from Colorado.¬† Earlier that fall I had DNFed during my first Leadville attempt.¬† I’d been a regular bike blogger since early 2009, and I had been chronicling my journey toward the red carpet at Leadville.¬† When I failed to cross the finish line the stakes went up a bit.¬† I got into the 2013 race through a qualifier, and then we moved 1,200 miles east.

I kept writing; even then I knew I was going to take my blog posts¬†about the Leadville saga in my life and turn them into a book.¬† The hitch was that I hadn’t finished…and who wanted to read a book about a quitter?¬† So I had to go back.

After the 2013 Leadville 100 I came home and wrote up the final chapters of what I thought was going to be a quick self-published Kindle book.¬† And it should have been.¬† However, I got caught up in trying to go big with the book.¬† I tried to shop it to publishers.¬† I looked into vanity presses.¬† In the end it came back to this being a DIY project from start to finish.¬† I couldn’t beg friends and family to read the drafts and give me constructive criticism.¬† Without investing money I really didn’t have there was no way I was going to be able to get the book published as I envisioned it.

So there it sat on the hard drive of my computer in a file titled: LOB FINAL DRAFT.doc.¬† I’d decided there was little else I could do.¬† I was too close to it to see any glaring flaws and it was my darling baby book.¬† How could I kill it?¬† Believe me, I debated it.¬† But I had too much invested emotionally and too much time put into it to delete that file and everything else in the folder with it.

A week or so ago I was driving somewhere and doing my typical daydream thing where I fantasize about my life being exactly how I want it to be (in those fantasy daydreams I’m a writer living modestly but comfortably) and it occurred to me that the book was doing no one any good sitting in that folder on my computer.¬† So I decided to publish it via Kindle and through Amazon’s print-on-demand service.¬† At least then I could share it with those who are/were interested and I could have a physical copy of my book on the bookshelf.¬† Maybe then the demon imp on my shoulder would just shut the hell up.

It took a week because I’m so easily distracted from everything.¬† Finally, one night I was sitting in front of the TV watching not much of anything and I grabbed my laptop and started¬†the process.¬† To get it onto Kindle was fairly easy.¬† I had a great cover design that a good friend had come up with for¬†me a few months ago when I thought I was really going to go through with publication¬†so that was no problem.¬† Once the Kindle was away I started working on the Kindle print-on-demand beta service.¬† I thought that would be easy and that was what I wanted, but once it finally went through I realized I couldn’t offer reduced price author copies.¬† I went back and looked and apparently you can only do that through CreateSpace.¬† So as of today I’m waiting on the CreateSpace review process and then it will be live.

And now I enter the truly nebulous space of promotion.¬† I have no good idea how to promote my work as I have presented it to the world.¬† I’ve shared on social media.¬† I beg those who say they will buy the book (or already have) to review it.¬† Beyond that I’m flying blind.¬† In the whole scheme of things that’s okay.¬† This book was more for me than for fame and glory.¬† I’d love to be able to make a living off of writing, but I never expected that this book would be the one to thrust me that far into the limelight.¬† It’s just not that kind of book.

So for my long time fans and Dear Readers I give you a finished product…finally.¬† And I apologize for not being more decisive years ago.¬† But then that’s totally in character for me.

If you do buy the book in any format please go back to Amazon and give me a review. Be honest and constructive, but please leave something.

Thanks in advance and in the end for all of your support and interest.¬† This has been a great book to write. There have been some really memorable moments in the acts that I ended up describing in the book and in the writing itself.¬† I’m somewhat numb right now to how I feel about suddenly having the book on Kindle.¬† I think I expected more emotion and fanfare.

In the end I hope people enjoy the book and take something positive away from it.  The journey for me was rough, but somewhere along the way, despite my failures, I discovered there is a strength and tenacity in me.  Maybe not a punctualness necessary to be a mountain bike racer or successful author, but definitely something solid under the flab.


For the Love of Leadville!

The promotion is over, but please check out the book all the same!

Please take advantage of my Valentine’s Day promotion; Leadville or Bust is available TODAY ONLY for free Kindle download from Amazon:

Leadville or Bust


I hope you enjoy the book and please leave a review on the Amazon site after you read it.

Thanks in advance!


Delayed Gratification

Okay, I’m a bit behind schedule, but the publication of Leadville or Bust is moving along. Please forgive me, I’m new to this DIY publishing game, and I want to make sure the book is a quality read.

Today is a perfect example of why I’m moving slow. I took the day off from my cubicle to do my next least favorite thing: home repairs. ¬†I have a water leak that cannot be ignored.

Have no fear!  I finished the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race; I can handle this!

Check back frequently for more updates and email me at with “book update” in the subject for more direct updates. ¬†I promise I won’t spam you. Only book related updates and never more than one a week.

August 13, 2016


We won

Today is the 23rd annual Leadville 100 MTB race. ¬†I’m still finalizing my book Leadville or Bust which chronicles my three year journey to get into and finish the grueling endurance mountain bike race.

I should have updates this week as to when and where the book will be available for purchase.  Check back soon!

If you want to subscribe to email updates about the book and promotional events shoot me and email with “Book update” in the subject line to


The Last Update


I’ve been working on this book in some form or another since 2011. The events described crescendoed in the summer of 2014. ¬†Since that time I’ve let self-doubt and fear keep the manuscript in a darkened room. ¬†A month or so ago I realized the 2016 Leadville race was nearly upon me, and I had squandered another year¬†¬†by not getting the book out into the world. I gave myself an ultimatum: publish Leadville or Bust as an ebook by August 13, 2016 or shelve it indefinitely.

Why August 13? ¬†That’s the date of the 2016 Leadville Trail 100 MTB race.

My original intent was to put the book out on August 13 and have a small scale book release party at my home with friends and family. ¬†I got to work on the book, rewriting, editing, and cleaning up my “final” draft.

Yesterday I finished my edits. ¬†I put together an acknowledgement page. ¬†I’m working on a foreword which will help with understanding the course terminology, and I still want to work up a bibliography just to cover my bases, but otherwise Leadville or Bust¬†is finished. ¬†All that’s left is to buy my ISBNs and upload to the internet.

At least I think that’s it. ¬†I’m new to this so there may be roadblocks along the way. ¬†So what I will likely do is announce the impending release of the book on August 13 and start promoting the heck out of it.

The next step¬†will be getting it in paperback format for print-on-demand. Hopefully I can release as an ebook and POD concurrently, but if not I’m going to go with ebook as soon as possible.

I can say definitively that I will publish the book and it’s not going to be shelved. ¬†Will it be successful on any level? ¬†That I cannot say. ¬†I have no publishing or marketing background so the book’s success will be based on how well it carries on social media. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.


In Case You Look This Way…

It’s been almost another year.¬† Might as well give another update.¬† I’ve decided I can’t really finish the book until I go back and get a belt buckle.¬† I don’t know when that will happen.¬† I missed the lottery window for 2016.¬† I don’t see another reasonable way to get into this year’s race.¬† So it’s looking like 2017 will be the earliest I’ll make it back in.

I’m thinking now that I need to kill some of my darlings as well.¬† Maybe I need to rethink the whole book.¬† Make it more about a journey that includes all of my cycling experiences up to and including finishing the Leadville 100.

Regardless, this one is on hold for a while until I figure out what to do.



Over the weekend I sat down and started formatting the book to get ready for e-publishing.¬† I’ve decided better to move forward with a digital format than hold out until the universe magically bestows upon me the means to print publish.¬† This is a stressful stage in the process because I’m beginning to look back and see a lot of work gone into the book, still considerable work to go ahead, and no real promise of recouping my expended energies.

I’m happy with the book in its “final” state.¬† Of course I would be happier with someone to take it over and begin proper editing and proofreading.¬† I have my secret weapon on the case, and he is more than willing and able, but in the end he is volunteering his time and energy for something he is not personally invested in.¬† I have faith, but I cannot pressure my volunteers to work harder, much less even uncoil the whip to begin cracking.

I’ve started looking into ISBNs, barcodes, and the like.¬† I think this will be my biggest investment hurdle to overcome before the books sees the light.¬† But if I’m serious about being a writer it’s time to take the reins and play the game.