Monday Morning Book Excerpt

“I had no corporate sponsor, not a shred of carbon fiber in my gear, still carrying the twenty pounds I’d sworn to lose, and continuously facing all of the hurdles an average guy with average problems can face. Outside the realms of contrived challenges I had actually accomplished quite a feat in my failure.”

Lily cheering me in to the DNF spot


Just a Quote

“Do you know how many riders are in this race? One. That’s you. That’s you against a hundred miles of the highest, the baddest, the tallest and the roughest mountains in Colorado. It’s not Rebecca, it’s not Dave, it’s not Lance. It’s you. That’s what this race is about.”

~ Ken Chlouber

Publish or Bust

It’s been a long journey.  Four years ago I decided I was going to finish the Leadville 100.  What had begun with the statement: “I could never do that” evolved into and obsession to prove to myself that I could, in fact, complete a one hundred mile mountain bike race in the mountains of Colorado.

Along the way I decided to chronicle my adventures.  Those chronicles grew into a book.

Leadville or Bust is the story of how an average guy like myself could dream of, train for, and ultimately finish the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race.  I had no sponsors.  I had no money to throw at the problem.  I had to rely on my own resourcefulness and the support of my family to achieve my goal.

Along the way I confronted failure.  Many times I had to reassess my path and make course corrections on the fly.

It’s been a little over a year since my last visit to Leadville.  I’ve been writing and rewriting.  I’ve been searching for a means to get my story out to the world ever since.  Getting my book published is a dream as big as racing my mountain bike.  Check back for updates on progress as I work to get it from draft to published form.

Thanks for your interest!