Over the weekend I sat down and started formatting the book to get ready for e-publishing.  I’ve decided better to move forward with a digital format than hold out until the universe magically bestows upon me the means to print publish.  This is a stressful stage in the process because I’m beginning to look back and see a lot of work gone into the book, still considerable work to go ahead, and no real promise of recouping my expended energies.

I’m happy with the book in its “final” state.  Of course I would be happier with someone to take it over and begin proper editing and proofreading.  I have my secret weapon on the case, and he is more than willing and able, but in the end he is volunteering his time and energy for something he is not personally invested in.  I have faith, but I cannot pressure my volunteers to work harder, much less even uncoil the whip to begin cracking.

I’ve started looking into ISBNs, barcodes, and the like.  I think this will be my biggest investment hurdle to overcome before the books sees the light.  But if I’m serious about being a writer it’s time to take the reins and play the game.


Winter Quiet

Things have changed.  I’ve been trying to simplify.  We tried our hands at organizing a trail race and despite the fact that we were doing a stellar job; we were betrayed and discarded.  That sounds dramatic, but it was a pretty big deal.

So now I have more free time.  I can start dedicating more time to writing and to getting this “finished” book published.  I can ride my bike again.  I can go on trail runs just for fun.

The 2015 Snowpocalypse is going to slink back into its ice cave and spring is just around the corner.  The sun will shine bright and life will move on in its invariably increasing cadence.

While 2015 seems to be out, another shot at a buckle in 2016 could be a distinct possibility.  With that prospect comes more fodder for the blog and for future books.