I set out to write a book called Leadville or Bust about my journey to finish the notorious Leadville 100 mountain bike race in Colorado.  Thirty three years ago I pedaled a bike all on my own for the first time, and I had no idea that so much suffering and anguish would result from the same activity that gave me so much joy in those early days.  I’m not a sponsored racer.  I’m not an elite athlete.  I’m just a husband, father, and disgruntled cubicle dweller who can’t let go of the notion that riding my mountain bike might be the path to enlightenment.

My whole life I’ve struggled with mountainous obstacles that, for the most part, I couldn’t even see.  After a few years—wherein I completed the destruction and reconstruction project of who I thought I was—I found myself suddenly inhabiting a cubicle where any kind of self-actualization or inner development was sternly discouraged.  I latched onto the dream of finishing the Leadville 100 as a test of overcoming my inner naysayers.  What started as an offhand “I could never do something like that” became “I must do that.”  The book spans the gap between I could never and a finale that I didn’t foresee.

Leadville or Bust will be my first published book.  In the past I have had articles published in adventure recreation magazines like Extremz and Boulderdash.  I started writing a cycling-related blog in 2009 called Jersey Guys.  I changed the name to From the Pavement’s Edge and that stuck.  As a blogger I delved into bike advocacy, social issues, and eventually mountain biking and mountain bike racing.

Recently I had a short story accepted for publication in the forthcoming RIDE 3 collection.  I have a few more short stories in the works, some longer fiction works (generally sci-fi), and I’ve actually started a very rough beginning for a sequel to Leadville or Bust.

By day I am a mild-mannered regional transportation planner.  I have dreams of hitting it big as a writer and leaving the drone of office fluorescents behind someday.



Email: ascentionist at yahoo period com


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